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Discovery of Cha-no-yuyLight matchaz

Have you ever been in a tatami-room ?

Have you ever tasted a bowl of Matcha : powdered green tea ?

Have you ever seen Cha-no-yu: the tea ceremony ?

You can have the first experience of Cha-no-yu (Tea ceremony) for appreciating
the atmosphere and Matcha (powdered green tea) with Japanese sweets.

There are a lot of kinds of Matcha in Japan and each has different taste,
so SAIAN select a kind of Matcha from Kyoto for each season.

Enjoy the Matcha and the moment of Cha-no-yu!

– Please take off your shoes and your accessories and remove your manicures.

- Venue -
ENKIDU asbl Square Baron Alfred Bouvier 6, 1060 Brussels

- Duration -
}45 min

- Language -
English, French and Japanese


: Max. 2 persons for a while

Fee (all costs included, booking and advance payment): 30 euro

or for private session (Max. 3persons for a while):
50euro/pers, 80euro/2pers, 100 euro/3pers

- Booking -
Please send the date of your choice, your name and phone number to:
and transfer your fee to : BE 12 3631 1593 9692 (SAIAN)
Your reservation will be valid when we receive your transfer.
* If you need an invoice, please mention your name and address (+ your TVA number) in your e-mail.
* Cancellation fee

!! Reservations should be made at the latest 3 days in advance

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